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2022 Tacoma Gift Ideas

The holiday season is now upon us and now is the time to start planning out what you may want to get for that Tacoma owner or perhaps a little something for yourself. I am going to break this down to two sections, interior and exterior mods. This list will also be organized by cost low to high.

Check out all of the mods on my Tacoma here.

So enough build up, let's get right into it.

Top Tacoma Interior Mods:

There is nothing worse than dealing with mess that collects in the glove box when you're throwing all of your documents, napkins and the like in there. Keep it organized so that you get to them quickly.

Fit larger bottles with the TacomaCup insert from Zprecision. This new cup holder will now fit your 32oz bottles and any other bottle up the 3.5" in diameter. A great upgrade to the Tacoma for those of us that drink a lot of water.

Check out the install video here.

Protect your dash, nav and shift readout with these scratch resistant films. They are also fingerprint resistant and keep your screens clean. ScreenProtech also has a film to protect your door pillars. Be sure to pick up a set to keep your Tacoma looking as clean and protected as possible.

Get a discount when you use code: Mumfy15 at checkout.

Maximize unused space, keep important items close, all while giving your vehicle an awesome new look with the Cali Raised LED Center Console MOLLE Panel. These are laser cut steel panels that can allow you to keep your items secured for quick access.

Find these at and use code MUMFY at checkout for a discount.

Top Tacoma Exterior Mods:

These side mirrors eliminate the blind spot and keep the defrost connections in tact. Also available with a sequential turn signal and BSM.

Find these at and use code MUMFY at checkout for a discount.

Check out the install video here.

Add a little privacy to your next overland adventure with this shower/privacy awning from KickAss Products. Shower, change or drop a 2sy in privacy. Adjustable height with the straps and you can secure it with the provided ground stakes.

The Heretic fog light is made in the USA with a USA Patented 6061 CNC Aluminum Grade Billet Housing. Utilizing the Heretic Quattro to generate 2904 lumens, these are bright and the true amber color really helps contrast against bad weather.

Roam Adventure cases are a great addition to your Tacoma for adding more storage options. The 83L or the 95L options will give you plenty of space to put your tools, recovery gear or anything else you can fit in them.

One last gift Idea...

Tune up your Tacoma with this amazing Dyno tested tune that gets refined regularly. Check out my video on how its done and my thoughts on it. If you are interested in getting it done, be sure to find your local tuner at the Toyota Tuning Network locations page.

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