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Camping Essentials: Accessories

Once you get out to your campsite and have your tent set up, your kitchen laid out, now you need some other accessories and amenities to really relax while at your camp site. Here is a small list of accessories that you should consider for your next camping trip.

1. Power Stations:

Jackery 300w: Power or charge up your devices with this 300 watt portable battery.

Tacklife: A great back up battery that can help jumpstart your vehicle or charge up your devices.

2. Axe: This Fiskars axe will come in handy when breaking up your firewood.

3. Fire Kit: Having multiple ways to start a fire is always a good item to have in your kit. Here are a few items to consider.

4. Camp Lantern: Make sure you can see around your campsite when the sun goes down. This lantern has a couple of different modes so you can find the right setting.

5. Camp Chair: Stay comfy around the campfire or take a load of after your hike with a good camp chair. Don't break the bank with this option.

First Aid Kit: One item not to skimp on. This kit will have lots of options for any injury you may run into.

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