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Camping Essentials: Sleeping Gear

As Im writing this we are entering into the spring months and with that Im looking to do more camping this year. With that, I need to dust off my current camping gear and start creating a list so that Im prepared for what is out there. If you are looking at camping this year perhaps this list will help get you started.

Sleeping gear is one of the most important items you'll need if you are planning on going camping. A good nights rest can make all the difference for the activities you have planned on your trip. Here you will find my top 5 sleeping gear items to help get you started, or upgrade to.

  1. Tent: Whether it be a ground tent or if you are looking at an RTT, a tent is your most important item on this list. Finding the right tent will require you to address some other factors, such as how many people will be sharing the tent, will it hold your accessories (ie. clothing bags, gadgets etc.), and what kid of weather will you be camping in just to name a few. Here is the current ground tent that I am using: Core Equipment Block Out Tent

  2. Sleeping Bag: A sleeping bag is another important gear item to have with your sleeping gear. The correct bag for the right camping conditions will add to the level of comfort you'll need to stay warm on cold nights and they can be light enough so you don't overheat on the warmer evenings. My current sleeping bag: Ohuhu 2 Person Sleeping bag

  3. Air Mattress: Be sure to keep yourself up and off the ground with a comfortable air mattress. There are several styles to choose from that will fit well for backpacking or long camp trips. My current air mattress: Ozark Trail Queen Air Mattress

  4. Pillows: Don't sleep on your wadded up clothes wrapped in a towel. (Yes I have done this) Get yourself a good pillow to sleep on. Be sure that if you are adding these to your sleeping kit that you don't take up too much room. I am looking to upgrade my pillow set to a nice memory foam version, like these: Wise Owl Outfitters Pillows

  5. Blanket: A blanket is a great item to keep in your sleeping kit. Use it outside of the tent or with your sleeping bag for added warmth. I like having a little redundancy so that I am truly comfortable when the time comes to get those much needed ZZZs. I currently have an Ozark Trail Packable Blanket

I hope that this list will help you while you consider your sleeping gear. If you have been camping for a while I hope this list gives you some ideas to for possible upgrades, and perhaps you can share some items that I need to add to my own sleeping kit. Whatever your camping experience level is, be sure that you have a comfortable nights sleep and will wake up recharged for your next adventure.

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