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Top 5 Tacoma Mods Under $100

One of the best reasons to own a Tacoma is that there is a multitude of mods that you can do to them. Some are very expensive while others are a great place to start so that you can make your Tacoma your own.

Below you can find five mods that are under $100. These are simple and easy to install and will get you started towards customizing your Tacoma.


The Tacoma has a great layout for accessing your information. The dash and infotainment systems are laid out well, plus on the 2020 and up the system now offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Keeping these screens clean can be a hassle, fingerprints, and micro scratches can build up over time and destroy the plastic over the dash and ruin the infotainment screen.

ScreenProtech is an easy to apply film that when applied will keep your screen protected from scratches and fingerprints. The kit comes with everything you need to apply the film, a squeegee, bottle of solution (just add water), microfiber cloth and of course the protective film.

The film is cut to the specifics of your Tacomas model year. Thus ensuring a proper fit. With a little patience you can have your Tacoma screens looking like new for years to come.

Click the link below and use code "Mumfy15" for 15% off your order.


Tactilian Car Flag Magnets

These flag magnets are amazing. A quick way to add some flair and patriotism to the Tacoma and being able to adjust them whenever you want is an added bonus. Tactilian offers several options of these flag magnets and they are made in the USA!


Sequential Side Mirror Turn Signals

Replace those stock side mirror turn signals with these sequential turn signals and give your Tacoma a much needed update. The factory chrome and weak light do not give the Tacoma the look it deserves.

These sequential turn signals from Tacoma Lifestyle give you three different options, Black, Smoked, and Amber so that you can choose the look you want. The install is also easy enough to do in a few short minutes and will add so much to the truck.


Blackout Badge Overlays

Get rid of the chrome that seems to plague the Tacoma these days with these Blackout Overlays. These overlays are a quick and easy solution that cover the existing chrome badges if you aren't ready to remove them or pay to have the dealership install them.


Interior LED Lights

Change out those halogen lights for some LEDs and see more of your interior at night. These LEDs really brighten up the cab so that you can find that last quarter you dropped, or so you can grab that fry you lost down the seat.

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