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Saints Offroad Tango Bed Rack

There are a plethora of bed racks out there to choose from, and choosing the right one for your Tacoma can be overwhelming. When you look at features, complexity, material, etc it will help to narrow down your search.

The bed rack I chose to install on my Tacoma is the Saint's Offroad Tango Bed Rack. This rack has a lot of great features that swayed me in to purchasing this option. Made out of steel, CNC cut mounting bars and rear chase bar, that offers placement for chase lights, along with mounting options for side lights this bed rack is perfect for what I have planned for the Tacoma. Like most bed racks, it has a powder coat to help protect it from rust.

When you purchase the Tango bed rack it’ll come with all of the mounting and assembly hardware you’ll need. When I received my Tango bed rack it was shipped in two large boxes. Each component was plastic wrapped to protect the powder coat, and the rest of the box was packed well with shipping styrofoam.

The assembly process is time consuming, but when done in the proper stages it will move along quickly. If you have purchased this bed rack and need help with assembly, be sure to check out my install video below.

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