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Taco Garage DMM (Dash Mount)

In the search for more additions to the Tacoma, I found myself looking for solutions to future installs. Something that will need to be modular, functional and low profile. The low profile is a personal choice and something I wanted to keep on the interior of the Tacoma.

The Taco Garage DMM is a great option for those also looking to keep a low profile on the interior and keep a stock look. The mount has four options for attaching your accessories to. From ram mounts for phone cases your tablet, CB or anything else that you can mount up front for easy visible access. The DMM is a more permanent accessory than others that may stick to your air vents or a magnet on the dash. The install requires you to drill into the top of the infotainment cover. So if you don't want to drill holes, you may want to look at those options. If not this will be a steady option that won't let you down on those rocky back roads.

For a full install be sure to check out the video below.

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