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Tacoma 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

With the holidays upcoming there are a lot of options out there for those seeking mods to help with their Tacoma build. Some are more cosmetic than others while some are better for performance. I hope that this guide may help you to find what you are looking for.

I will have some discount codes that you can use to help save you some cash on some of these mods. So be sure to take advantage of them and enjoy your new mods. Now let's get in to the 2021 gift guide.

The Cosmetic Mods

A great way to add some flair to your headlights by applying these amber delete kits. Available in TRD, SR5, and PRO versions.

A great way to show your pride in your country and the service members you support.Easily move the flag to suit your style.

The best screen protection available. Keep your infotainment screen and dash free from scratches and fingerprints.

Want an easy way to add shackles to your Tacoma without having to spend on an expensive bumper? These Demon Brackets are a great way to add them.

Tired of looking at the same old stock Start push button? Grab one of these awesome aluminum Start buttons. Available in multiple colors and image options.

Add a little pop to the back of your Tacoma with these tailgate inserts.

Practical Mods

By far the thing to do to start off your interior sound mods. These tweeters really help to improve the sound quality inside your Tacoma.

The Tacoma has a hefty hood to lift. Give yourself an assist with these hood dampeners. You wont even have to drill or rivet into the body.

If you didn't add this on to your Tacoma when you bought it, now is the time to add some added security to your bed.

Heretic Studio Quattro fog lights are a great offroad option. Available in 3 variations, spot, flood, or combo.

Keep the Tacoma clean after a hard day off-roading or keeping the salt off the undercarriage with a quality car wash kit.

The best mounting tray comes from Derek over at SDOFFROADMT on instagram. If you are planning on getting a Switch Pro this is the mod so that you can hook up your accessories easily.

Hardcore Gift Ideas

These cases are tough and rugged. Capable of holding recovery, camping and other essential gear for your trip. Available in 4 colors.


Sliders are a great addition to your Tacoma that will protect the body of the truck. With several companies offering sliders, there are plenty to choose from. Here are a few options

Roof Racks

Adding a roof rack will add additional storage options to your Tacoma. You'll also be able to mount your cases and roof lights to it. Here are a few options.


Protect the Tacomas underbelly with some armor plates. You don't want to puncture your plastic gas tank, or damage part of the drivetrain while off roading. Here are some options to consider.

I have released some Mumfy merch and if you'd like to support the channel, and gain my undying gratitude, please check it out.

Hopefully this guide helps you on your Tacoma journey towards building your ultimate truck. Some of these links are affiliate links while others will take you to the company website. I do have a couple of discount codes that you can use with a couple of brands.

Taco Clout has a website and a phone app that you can shop directly from. If you find something that interests you there, use code "Mumfy" for a discount at check out.

ScreenProtech, makers of the best screen protection for all vehicles, has given me a discount code for 15% off a purchase. Use code "Mumfy15" for the discount to apply.

Happy Holidays and I'll see you on the trails.

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